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  • Close contact is maintained between Stomal Therapy Nurses (STNs) and the Association to ensure that the Association is aware of people who have undergone surgery or are about to undergo surgery resulting in a stoma. Usually, Hospitals will arrange to have a STN from the A.C.T. Department of Community and Health Services or a hospital-based STN visit new ostomates in hospital as soon as possible after the operation to initiate the process of application for membership of the Association. In some cases, where for some reason such contact has not been possible, ostomates will be contacted at home. The new ostomate WILL NOT however be overlooked.
  • Ostomates who are unlikely to be resident in Canberra or within the District served by the Association will be put in contact with a similar Association that will be better placed to service their needs.
  • Should a patient want to talk to another ostomate, the association will arrange for an Association member of the same sex, age bracket and with a similar ostomy to visit the patient either in hospital or later at home. This can be helpful in enabling discussion of the day-by-day management issues which new ostomates have to confront.
  • The Association issues each member with a Health Insurance Commission Entitlement Card. This card is retained by the ostomate as it is proof of the ostomate's entitlement to receive appliances and pharmaceuticals under the stoma appliance scheme. The Entitlement Card is recognized and accepted by all registered Stoma Associations throughout Australia and entitles members of the ACT & Districts Association to receive supplies from any other Registered Association.