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The Commonwealth Department of Health & Family Services makes available a wide range of both pharmaceutical supplies and stoma appliances for members of the Association, which organises purchase from the suppliers, reimbursement of costs by the Commonwealth, and distribution of supplies to Association members. Apart from membership dues and any postage costs (currently $8 per package for members utilising the service) provision and distribution of approved supplies within the authorised quantities is completely free to Association Members.

Not all items requested by members are on the "Free List", and where such items are ordered, the Supply Officer will advise the relevant member of price and availability. Each item which is on the "Free List" has a scale of authorised issue which is monitored and rigidly enforced by the Health Insurance Commission. The scale of issue is quite adequate and delivery from suppliers is prompt. Members should not order supplies in excess of their needs.

 Where, for medical reasons, supplies in excess of the authorised quantity are needed, a Doctor or Stomal Therapy Nurse must certify, on a special Health Insurance Commission Form (available upon request to the Association), the relevant medical circumstances leading to the requirement for increased supplies. The certification must state the number of appliances required and must be renewed each six months if the medical condition persists.

Members are expected to order their supplies each month to cover in advance their needs for the following month. Wherever practicable, the Association prefers members (or an authorised person) to collect their supplies and to re-order at the rooms of the Association. Where ordering and supply by post is necessary, an order must be placed upon the Association form which will be included in each package containing the current month’s supplies.